When I was a child I loved to walk barefoot all summer. I knew that summer had turned into autumn when I had to put my shoes on again. I lived in a small Finnish village surrounded by nature and I was always playing outside, climbing trees and playing in forests. I grew up like that. Nature was part of me and I was part of nature. Years went by and I moved into bigger cities, lived abroad for a few years and moved back to Finland again. 


When I moved back to Finland from abroad I realised the importance of Finnish nature to my own wellbeing.  I understood how important part nature has in my own life and how much it gives to me. I started to study more about the health benefits of nature and ecopsychology. The more I studied these subjects, the more I realised that I need to share this information with others. It was way too important to keep it in my own head. I understood that I want to teach people how to connect with nature, engage all their senses and find their inner peace by slowing down. At all times I had known how much good nature can do to us as I felt it myself. I have a desire to go outdoors especially when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. The latest research approves that there is a reason why nature made me feel that way and it works for other people too. Human beings are made to be in nature and the urban world we have build around us causes us several health issues which can be solved by learning how to connect with nature and go back to our roots.

When I combined my knowledge of health, wellbeing and nature therapy, Naturested was born. My experiences are a perfect combination of meditation, mindfulness and forest bathing. Forest bathing  (Shinrin-Yoku) was originally developed during the 1980s in Japan. I combine the traditional forest bathing methods to the methods and practises I find myself powerful. As my background is both in personal training and tour guiding, it is natural for me to merge the elements of mental coaching and guiding.  Since the beginning the feedback from my customers has been so good that it has strenghtened the feeling that this is what people need now.


Naturested is not only making people feel better. It is a way to learn how we all can value our environment and people around us more. It is a way to go deep to your own thoughts and learn to live more meaningful life. Naturested is also regularly donating money to mental healthcare and nature conservation. In this urban and digital world full of stress and anxiety we need to slow down, find our roots and the inner self.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. ♥



Founder of Naturested