Why Naturested

We believe in good and we strongly believe that everyone should live up to their values. That is why Naturested is based on the following values. 



We believe that honesty is one of the most important values for a company. To be honest means that we deliver what we promise and always stand behind our words. 



Naturested respects other cultures, people and nature. Naturested is a company that understands cultural differences and is willing to learn more. Nature needs to be taken care of and we never leave anything in nature that does not belong there. Naturested respects differences and stands strongly against racism and intolerance.  



Sustainability is based on three pillars: economic, environmental and social. All these three elements are taken care of as good as possible in my excursions. By joining our experiences you are supporting the local economy and supporting donations that we egularly do for mental healthcare and nature conservation.  We never leave anything behind us in nature. By learning to connect with nature, you also learn to appreciate it in a different way. When you join our experiences, you connect with yourself and people around you in a different way.



Naturested is a company that constantly want to learn more about this world and people. By joining our experiences you get to know other people and you can share your thoughts in an open-minded and warm-hearted atmosphere.